About A Southern Spoonful

We are just a couple of southern sisters who grew up in the "deep south". Our mom and dad
farmed and raised us on good "ole", country fried, southern foods. To this day, we continue
to share a love of locally grown, southern foods that we've passed on to our kids and grandkids.
To make this long story short;
We were sitting down to dinner one afternoon, and we talked about how awesome it would
be to share our love of the south with others. Voila, a Southern Spoonful was hatched.
At that point, we knew we definitely had to dedicate our boxes to our parents for sharing
their love of southern food with us. We hope you enjoy! God bless y'all!
In Memory of Cecil Douglas Gray and Blanche Louise Gray

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About Our Boxes!



Our Mom, Louise, or “Nana” as you will become to know her by, is who made us want to pursue this venture called “Nana’s Box”.  The cardinal on the box tip is our representation of her life-- a life well lived.  She had a wonderful spirit.  She loved God, her family, and good ole southern grown foods.  We remember many days working in the garden and sitting on the front porch shelling peas, shucking corn, and preparing all kinds of vegetables so she could make us wonderful, fresh southern meals filled with so much hard work and love.  She loved canning jams, jellies, soups, and vegetables.  Around the holidays, we had homemade candies, cookies and cakes.  We remember the sweet aromas from Mama’s kitchen.  To this day, I think we try so much to mimic all of the flavors we remember so well.  She taught us a love for southern cooking that will always remain with us.

We hope you will enjoy each of these handpicked southern made products as much as we enjoyed picking them out and putting them in these boxes just for you.


Because we know our Dad, (AKA “Papa” as my kids referred to him), loved the Southern foods and hospitality that Mama enjoyed, we knew Southern Spoonful would not be complete without designing a box dedicated to him.  Dad farmed for many years, providing our family with fresh, homecooked meals.  Oh, how many times we would sit at the dinner table and watch him eat those fresh, hot peppers right out of the garden.  You know, the “finger tip ones” as he called them, and we wouldn’t dare touch them.  He would swear they weren’t the least bit hot as perspiration dripped from his brow, and we’d laugh.  We knew better.  The memories of Dad and growing up in the South will be with us forever.  Little things we taste now and wonderful aromas we smell can trigger the sweetest of memories.  We love the South and its flavors and everyone should experience it every now and then.

Enjoy these Southern products!  We’ve tried ‘em and we sure did!

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