Papa's 6 Month Gift Subscription Box

Papa's 6 Month Gift Subscription Box

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Boxes are sent out on the 15th of every month. Southern Spoonful's boxes will contain 6-8 items and each box is valued at $35-$45. All boxes ship FREE in the US and to Military Mail, always!
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Give the gift of Papa's box to someone special!

Save by subscribing for 6 months! Only $34 per month!

Your box will contain 6-8 southern made items for you to enjoy!

Papa's Box has everything Nana's Box has PLUS full size BBQ sauces, rubs, hot sauces, and more!

Because we know our Dad, (AKA “Papa” as my kids referred to him), loved the Southern foods and hospitality that Mama enjoyed, we knew Southern Spoonful would not be complete without designing a box dedicated to him.  Dad farmed for many years, providing our family with fresh, home cooked meals.  Oh, how many times we would sit at the dinner table and watch him eat those fresh, hot peppers right out of the garden.  You know, the “finger tip ones” as he called them, and we wouldn’t dare touch them.  He would swear they weren’t the least bit hot as perspiration dripped from his brow, and we’d laugh.  We knew better.  The memories of Dad and growing up in the South will be with us forever.  Little things we taste now and wonderful aromas we smell can trigger the sweetest of memories.  We love the South and its flavors and everyone should experience it every now and then.

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